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New Members: none!
Level Up: Jessica -> Level 08, Mio, Samu -> Level 06, Vaini -> Level 05
Masteries: Cami (allforone, beachsidesonata), Jessica (beachwedding, bloomingromance, brideoffrankenstein, carousel, coolboys, ourreflection, pearlsandroses, sunnydaze, blessedwind, moonguardian), Kairi (cheekymermaid, forestcleansing, whiterose), Samu (abovetheclouds, beachsidecruise, succulentcafe, sakuradate), SasuraUchiha (faequeen, worldkeeper, fantasiatrio, cheekymermaid), Vaini (atthebar, bluefuture, crownclown, happypills, lotusgarden, rikkaidai)
New Affiliates: none this week!
Games: Biweekly Set 2!

Events & Birthday Cards

We've got a couple new things to welcome in December, so everyone make take the below event cards!


New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 10. Max 2 cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


The lovely Samu has brought us another awesome layout! She's been busy, so we still haven't gotten the new games up yet, so look forward to those in your future! Since it's December, we have double deck donations for the whole month, so go donate stuff!

If you have a birthday in December, feel free to post here for a member-exclusive birthday event card! Achievements are also live, finally! They can be found on the forums! I also edited the shop a little bit so member can buy presents for themselves or other members. There is also a little surprise in every gift :D

Today's been a pretty crappy day for me, so this update is pretty short; I'm also pretty exhausted.
Take cards spelling out BETTER DAYS with no more than 1 per deck! Also, if you're not on our Discord server, you probably missed my adoption freebies. My adoption day was on December 04 (same day as Tae's birthday), so feel free to take 6 choice cards with a blue text/border colour!
Hopefully the days will get better as we go along. See you all next week!


7 Dec 18
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