Current Updates

New Members: none - Welcome!
Level Up: none!
Masteries: Selena (firemaster), Vaini (enemies, outlaws, pastelhydrangea, throneofice, tokyoleaders),
New Affiliates: none this week!
Games: Weekly + Bi-weekly Set 1!

Updates / Wishes

"Since I returned from a short hiatus, how about cards spelling Vaini is back?" - Vaini
Sure thing and welcome back!! Please take cards spelling "VAINI IS BACK" with max 4 per deck!

"200 paintbrushes for everyone" - Lex
Sure why not! Everyone please take 200 paintbrushes!

Mini Event Time!

I spoke about the mini event in the last update, but I'm going to leave the plug below again just incase!
Mini Valentines Event!

So we brought back the extra rewards for themed masteries, added a gift from the staff (needs to be direct linked!!!) and also added some event candy to the game/service randomizers!! If you've already played the games today before this update I guess you can go back and just take the lolipop rewards! (Typically we would want you to wait to play the games just incase this applies to you!) I don't think I'm going to be retiring any decks after the event since we do offer a card exchange, hopefully this doesn't influence anyone too roughly - but honestly that service doesn't get used enough as it is!

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 20. Max 4 cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


I'm very tired and sorry this update is so late. I'm back to my weekends being pretty preoccupied (or atleast every other one) so I just didn't have a chance to do an update! To make up for me being late: you guys can play the weekly set of games TWICE this week!

Please make sure you read through the event page and if you have any questions you can ask on the discord or feel free to PM a staff member on the forum. I want to stress the importance of reading through the whole thing, especially about the masteries!! It just helps the staff out in general!


19 Feb 19
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