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New Members: none - welcome!
Level Up: none this week!
Masteries: none this week!
New Affiliates: None!
Games: Weekly + Bi-weekly Sets 1 & 2

Event Cards

So....if you like event cards you are gonna love this because I forgot to give them out for several milestones! SO you may take all the event cards you see below and our events cards page is updated to display all of the current ones we have.

Wishing Well

" My dog turned 8 years old this month! I wish for cards spelling INUYASHA (yes, this is his actual name) :)" - Selena
I honestly love pet wishes! HAPPY BDAY INUYASHA!! No limits on choice cards!

" I wish for 5 random cards for everyone cause my niece just got 5 years old !"- LyAnn
Sure, please go to the randomizer here and grab 5 random cards! Also happy bday to your niece!!!

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 20. Max 5 cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


Our little Summer Mini event is now over! I hope you guys enjoyed the little extra bonuses from mastering decks. I know this tcg is a little slower paced than most so I will allow you guys to turn in your summer splash passes until the end of September!

Sorry I missed last week. There was a really bad tropical storm in my area so alot of things were flooded and inaccessible. I updated both sets of games for this week so feel free to play them all. I will be adding a monthly set for October soon since that seemed to be a general feedback and also adjusting some game prizes - I just don't have time to do it right now so these changes will go into effect for October! You may see some forum games crossed out because I'm trying to create some new ones!


21 Sep 19
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